Our Vision is to advance world class research and promoting teaching of physiological sciences in Africa.

our MISSIONS INDICATORS are six-fold:
  1. Strengthen organizational capacity & cooperation between societies.
  2. Promote research capacity and collaboration.
  3. Enhance teaching and learning skills development.
  4. Encourage capacity building.
  5. Facilitate information exchanges.
  6. Promote communication and outreach.

Welcome to AAPS

The African Association of Physiological Sciences (AAPS) is (i) committed to uniting African scientists and scientists involved in active research into and/or teaching of human or animal physiology in Africa, (ii) to developing the capacity of basic scientists in the African continent, (iii) to disseminate the latest development in physiological sciences and (iv) to promote the advancement of African Physiological Sciences. Furthermore, the society hosts congresses every four years, and participates in international physiological meetings.

The African Association of Physiological Sciences (AAPS) was inaugurated in Kuopio, Finland on July 8, 1989.The association was officially launched in 1992 at its first conference in Nairobi Kenya. AAPS was elected as a Regional member of IUPS in 1993 together with FEPS.

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