1. Soga Sofola Award  - for excellence for early career achievements - to be bestowed at the 4-yearly AAPS congress
  2. Amal Saeed Award - for excellent achievements and service by African women physiologists - to be bestowed at the 4-yearly AAPS congress
  3. President’s Award - for service and dedication to advance the aims and ideals of the AAPS
  4. ADI Award - for excellence and innovation in Physiology Education, Teaching, and Learning - to be bestowed at teaching and learning workshop to be held late 2023 (open to all)
  5. Early Career Physiology Travel Awards - for early career physiologists to attend AAPS Teaching and Learning Workshops or the 4-yearly AAPS congress
  6. Student Travel Awards - for postgraduate students to attend the 4-yearly AAPS congress
  7. AAPS Workshop/Congress Awards - for best oral and poster presentations (limited to postgraduate students or early career faculty depending on the nature of the workshop and/or congress)